Gearbox installation

Gearbox installation comes with a number of issues which if not addressed can lead to future wear and tear. Good gearbox repair and service company should be called to perform the work. Some points which are to be considered in this regard are as follows. One important point is that a process overview will be given in the latter part:

  • Initial processing

Good support and foundation are necessary to install the gearbox. The surface leveler should be used to determine the accuracy. Rigid foundation should be used to address the factors like vibration, shaft misalignment and deflection. Good quality foundation bolts should be used so that the unit is installed firmly onto the base.

  • Installation

The mounting surfaces should be checked for once the packing is removed and they should be flat. There are certain lifting points which are provided for equipment lifting. The lower lifting points are for the entire unit. Upper lifting points are for removal of upper part of the gearbox for maintenance purposes. Leveling of the unit is crucial and this is done by a precision engineer. Once the unit rests on the foundation bolts then nuts are to be tightened. The level is rechecked and additional equipment is also aligned as according to the main gearbox.

  • Lubrication

If the gearbox is a new installation then first-time lubrication is a must. All bearings of gearbox must be oiled and checked. The level gauge should also be checked and the oil level must match it. Every brand is not good for the machine so it is advised to only go for recommended brand by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers embed the method of force lubrication. In such condition the piping and fitting are also provided. These fittings are disabled if transportation of the unit is required and on-site they have installed once again. In the case of force lubrication the foundation bolts are only tightened once the piping is fitted.

  • Gauging the pressure

This system indicates that the oil is being delivered to all parts of the gearbox. Normal pressure is 1 bar and rise in this means that the oil blockage has occurred. The loss in pressure also indicates that there is a problem of leakage has occurred. The best part of new gearboxes is the installation of a pressure switch which continuously checks the pressure. The unit automatically stopped if the pressure is below the requirements.

  • Oil filter management

It is one of the most important things connected to pressure maintenance. The oil filter should be checked and changed at regular intervals. Filter baskets are also to be replaced. If the manufacturer has made magnetic plug a part of oil filter then it should also be checked and changed if required. If the magnetic plug is found with excessive metal then the complete investigation is required in this regard.

  • Oil management

The manufacturer’s guide should be read on how and when to change the oil. The gear case should also be washed with an appropriate compound to ensure that the oil deposits are removed. Oil levels and the entire unit should be periodically checked.